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Berger Elite Hunter Hunting Bullets .338 Caliber (.338 Diameter) 300 Grain Hybrid Match - 100

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Berger Hunting Bullets

1 Shot Gear for Berger Classic Hunting Bulletsbecause nothing kills big game better.

Professional and serious hunters prefer Berger Classic Hunters for consistent performance under tough conditions and long distances. 

Serious Hunters looking for a classic bullet style always choose Berger Classic Hunting bullets.  The Shorter Hybrid bullets are designed to the SAAMI Dimensional Standard.  This is the answer for hunters looking for reliable, smooth cycling through a factory magazine.  It is made to address the needs of those shooters who have had troubles in the past with working up a proficient load for their rifle or have had problems with the longer VLD hunting bullet cycling through their magazines.  

This Berger video explains the details of the Classic Hunter bullet from why it was designed to how it preforms against similar VLDs.

Penetration on impact makes a 2-3” channel before expansion. On expansion, Berger Classic Hunter bullets instantly shed 40-90% of their weight to create large, clean wound cavities. An average wound cavity measures  13” - 15” in the vital areas. Instant shock and massive loss of blood make quick, ethical kills.

Dependably lethal at long distances, Berger Classic Hunting bullets for 1-shot kill power.






300  Grain







Recommended twist

1” in 10” or faster

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WARRANTY: 1 Shot Gear upholds Berger Bullets quality statement and return merchandise process.  Berger Bullets guarantees their bullets meet the tolerances and other published Berger Bullet standards. Berger reviews and investigates every product complaint.  If a 1 Shot customer has a problem, 1 Shot will be part of the review and discussion.  If Berger Bullets issues you a RMA, they also pay the return shipping. Original shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. The refund or exchange will be made at the purchase value.

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