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Leica Ultravid HD 8x32 Binoculars - 40290

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Leica Ultravid HD 8x32 Binoculars - 40290

The Leica Ultravid HD series offers the best binoculars, giving you excellent color fidelity and perfect contrast from the fluoride lenses. To add on, they have a bright and clear view, with pin-sharp detail resolution. The focusing action of the Ultravid HD binoculars is always smooth, and fine focusing is quick, on-point, and assured. In the binoculars, the central hinge axis is machined from high-tensile titanium, while the body is manufactured from ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy. Due to the rugged design and construction, the Leica Ultravid HD’s work roughly in every terrain, giving you the perfect binoculars.

Ultravid HD Qualities:

-Superior resolving power
-Fluoride glass for color fidelity and high contrast
-AquaDura coating (dirt and water repellant coating)
-Finest image brightness and color neutrality
-Excellent suppression of stray light
-Mechanical perfection ensures absolute reliability
-Long service life 

The Ultravid HD 32 HD

 These binoculars are ideal for daylight use. Not only are the impressive in their copact size, but they also offer easy focusing and outstanding optical performance.

 -8x or 10x maginification
-compact size and outstanding optical performance
-quality wide range image sharpness for precise observation
-maximum durability and light weight 


Magnification Range: 8x or 10x
Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm
Field Of View at 1000 m/1000 yds : 135 m or 118 m / 405 ft or 354 ft 
Close focus limit: ~2.1 m or 2 m/ 6.9 ft or 6.6 ft
Weight: 535 g or 565 g/ 1.2 lbs or 1.25 lbs 
Package includes: Neoprene carrying strap, eyepiece protector, objective lens cap, case
Warranty: Leica Limited Lifetime

General Information

Leica Warranty

Leica covers all compact and full size Ultravid and Trinovid binoculars, Duovid binoculars, and Televid Spotting Scopes and eyepieces under the Sport Optics Protection Plan. This Lifetime Warranty is for defects in material, functional failure, breakage, and water damage. But, this protection plan does not cover fire damage, theft, misplacement, or purposeful damage. To add on, the plan does not cover accessories such as straps, cases, and lens caps. Any product with electrical components, such as the Geovid binoculars or Rangemasters, is not covered under the Sport Optic Protection Plan.

In addition , you can purchase the Leica Lifetime Sport Optic Passport Protection which covers optical or mechanical function failure, or any accidental damage to the covered equipment, including breakage and water damage—but does not include coverage for normal wear and tear on external surfaces, fire, theft, and loss. This plan is only valid when purchased by USA resident through an authorized dealer. 

AquaDuraTM Coating
Due to the dirt and water repellent properties of the AquaDura® coating, you are promised a bright, crystal-clear view in any weather condition. Precipitation will slide right off the exposed lens, and dirt and fingerprints will wipe away with no trace left behind.  Even more, the AquaDura® coat protects the precious optical system against any scratching or abrasions.

HDC (High Durability Coating)
HDC is a scratch resistant coating, which guarantees the best light transmission with superior resistance to abrasion. This HDC coating allows a fresh, vivid image and protection for the binoculars in the outdoors.

HLS: High-Lux-Sysytem
The Leica HLS®, High-Lux System, combines multiple different measures for the suppression of stray light with a specially developed reflective coating on the prisms. This allows an enhanced light transmission and color accuracy, resulting in a bright, reflection-free image with outstanding definition, contrast, and a sharp range of vision.

Fluoride Glasses
Mostly made out of calcium fluoride, the fluoride glasses increase image contrast and resolution, and have significantly lower dispersion characteristics than conventional glasses. They are much more effective in the correction of aberrations such as color fringing, resulting in a natural and extraordinary viewing experience.

Extreme Image Brightness
Generally, high-quality optical systems contain a substantially larger number of lenses than simpler systems. Over the years, the production of anti-reflex coatings and reflective layers in binoculars has improved to maintain high image quality and brightness, despite the large number of lenses. The image brightness in Leica binoculars is always the best quality and so impressive in the clarity, even though they often have more than 20 air-glass boundaries.

Excellent Resolution
After going through special simulators that locate the sources of stray light, the lenses are ensured false and stray light is eliminated. The design of the new HD objective lenses promise stray light can never hinder the viewing experience, allowing excellent resolution. To add on, effective stray-light suppression is also influential in ensuring increased contrast performance.

Leica Mechanical Precision
Special Leica focusing mechanisms make focusing smoother than ever. The brilliant combination of high-performance plastic floating disks and the right parts, allow focusing to not become stiff in low temperatures or too loose in higher temperatures.