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The MagnetoSpeed V3 ballistic chronograph kit is designed for use on any suppressor or barrel from ½-2 inches in diameter.  The V3 has one full inch more in clearance to account for longer muzzle brakes, flash hiders, ect.  The Bayonet sensor straps onto the end of your rifle barrel using electromagnetic sensors to detect your bullet speed rather than light sensors.  This takes away all the worry that florescent lights, strong sun, and low light bring to measuring the speed of you bullet.  In ANY conditions the V3 will function properly. 

Kit Includes:

Display Unit

Standard 6ft Connection Cable

Red Anodized Aluminum Kickstand/ Belt-Clip

Thick and Thin Rubber V-Block Spacers

micro SD Card w/ Adapter

Bayonet Sensor

Polymer Spacer Kit w/ Screw Hardware and Allen Wrench

Heavy Duty Strap w/ Thumb Nut Tightener

Hard Case w/ Custom Cut Foam

Alignment Rod



V3 Ballistic Chronograph

For barrel diameters: 0.5” –2.0”

Muzzle brakes up to 2.5” Dia x 3.0” length


Bayo Mounting

Barrel Diameter Range: 0.5 "-2.0"

Strapping: 1" wide x 20”length x 0.06" thick (nylon)

Cable clearance: 0.6" (90 degree plug)

Muzzle Brake Accommodation

Muzzle Brake Length: 4.0"(max possible, but not recommended)

Muzzle Brake Diameter: varies

For ~1.0" Diameter barrels (shown below)

   Max Brake Diameter = 2.5"

    Max Brake Length for max diameter = 3.0"


Screen: 20x4 Character LCD (backlight)

Battery type: (2) CR123s or (1) 9-Volt Alkaline

Screws: T10 Torx(4x)

Bayo Dimensions

Overall Length: 13.5"

Sensor Spacing: 5.0"

V-block Length: 2.62"



Product Video: 
General Information

2-year Manufacturer Warranty: If the device arrives damaged or becomes inoperable within a 2 year time period due to manufactures defect, just ship the unit back to us (Magnetospeed) and we will fix the issue or replace the unit at no cost.  The buyer will not be charged any additional shipping costs other than that initial purchase if exchanging/returning a device with manufacturer defects within 2 years of purchase date.  If returned device is damaged due to user error, no refund or additional shipping costs will be covered.