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SITKA Ground Forest Now 35% Off
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    Sitka Gear Ground Forest

    Sitka Gear Ground Forest

    We're excited to announce Ground Forest Sitka Gear is here! All styles are now 35% off!

    Ground Forest is an exclusive Optifade pattern for the European market, however we have worked out a deal with Sitka Gear to distribute the full range of products for domestic sale. This camouflage pattern has never been sold in the United States before!  The products available in Optifade Ground Forest are a selection of some of the best items from all Sitka Optifade patterns!

    Sitka Gear Ground Forest was originally created around hunting in Russia’s Boreal Forest, or commonly known in Russia as Taiga (the largest forest regain on earth). Designed for ground level encounters at 50 yards and under in thicker vegetation makes the Ground Forest Optifade pattern transfer flawlessly to its many uses in North America. If you're a hunter that constantly finds themselves getting close and personal in the tree line with everything from Florida turkeys to Washington Elk, then Sitka's Ground Forest might be exactly what you have been waiting for.