Hunting Success Stories

The Bergstresser Klan again getting the job done ducking hunting in Canada. The TOP SECRET pass shooting lake is one of my favorite spots. This was one of my favorite hunts with my Dad, Brother and too good friends...FEED CALL.

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As hunters we always hope to draw that "tag". The one that everyone else wants. In Colorado there are two tags that are special above all others and those are the Desert Bighorn and Shiras Moose. While checking the "back door" on the CDOW website in 2013, I almost didn't notice that I drew my Shiras tag until our house guest asked me what does this "0" mean next to "Moose"?

With tag in hand the summer scouting ritual turned up several contenders. But the opening day spot would be an area that I new well. I'd be hunting high alpine drainages where most moose hunters would not. I got a lead from another moose hunter that there was a 50+ inch...

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Donelle pulled a coveted Colorado rifle mule deer tag and with the help of her hunting partner, Lisa, was able to drop the hammer on this heavy mature buck in western Colorado. I need to go hunting with these two more often!

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After braving the high winds on the Wyoming Prarie Lisa was able to locate this great mature buck and put him down. Lisa is a very avid hunter and has harvested many mature aniamls throughout her hunting career. What a buck!

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Jeff has been up in the Colorado highcountry for 5 years straight helping friends fill their Mountain Goat tags. It was finally his turn this year and after a week and a half of hard hunting he was able to put down this beautiful nanny with his rifle within 100 yards!

This was a special hunt as I was able to get this deer while hunting with my Dad. He stepped out of the trees at 10 minutes before dark. The previous days had been windy but it calmed down that night and we had a feeling it would be a good hunt. As the temperatures cooled with the setting sun, anticipation grew while we watched over the pond and food plot. I appreciated the layering ability of Sitka Gear as the temperatures dropped quickly and I was able to stay comfortable.

During an annual trip north of the border to hunt ducks Jacob and his hunting group was able to limit our 5 days in a row taking a total of 150 ducks. Looks like there is an odd man out...

Kevin Flesch, Co-Host of the local Sportsman of Colorado Radio show, had a quick hunt opening day with his hunting partner Kevin.

Al was able to sit through some rough weather in his full Incinerator Suit! He was rewarded with this gorgeous Whitetail.

11 point, 22 in inside spread, 28 in horn tip to tip

Shot in south western Colorado in 2013 3rd rifle season